Vickery Bros. is a rapidly growing business and is always looking to attract, employ and develop people with exceptional skills.

There are always vacancies covering a wide array of career opportunities within the combined umbrella of businesses that Vickery Bros operate.


As a preferred provider of fertiliser services to over 1500 farmer clients with a fleet of 25 dedicated fertiliser spreaders and 7 strategically located Depots, we are always looking for skilled agricultural orientated machinery operators who are comfortable and confident operating in a new workplace virtually every day. A Spreader driver needs an Agricultural machinery background where anticipation and awareness skills have been honed from an early age. Our client base is all over the Western District of Victoria and South East of South Australia and farms you might be working on range from Sheep, Beef, Dairy, Cropping, Forestry and Horticulture. We are very safety conscious with training, farm JSA’s, accreditations, competency checks etc; and have a program that allows safe learning for “newbies” from Agricultural backgrounds. We also have a program for casual spreader drivers as well as overseas visa farm workers from the U.K. At quieter times during the year, full time Spreader drivers may be required to drive one of our Concrete agitators, a 40tonne dump truck, an excavator digging sand, a loader blending fertiliser in a depot or screening lime or sand; in the Workshop helping our Mechanics, in the Fabricating shop working with our welding staff or maybe with our maintenance team on a capital project. It just depends on the other skills you possess. Over a 12-month period it can be a very diverse job.


At times during the year we may require drivers with tipper experience; either B Double, Combination Stag; 4 and 5 axle truck & dog, single articulated or just plain rigid. Full and part time positions do become available. The job is 95% home every night with fertiliser, agricultural lime, sand and grain the most common products carried. Deliveries are on to farm, depots and concrete plants.

We also operate Concrete plants, Sand pits and screening plants that at times have a requirement for full and part time employees operating Loaders, Excavators, batch plants and delivering Concrete.


We always try to accommodate the right Mechanic, Welder or Maintenance person who can add value to our Company. We have an extensive array of staff involved in maintaining and keeping our equipment and assets safe and operational. We have a good apprenticeship program running as well as a VCAL program.


Vickery Bros has the most personal agronomy network of any fertiliser distributor in the country. All our Agronomists [currently 8] spend one morning each week locked away together discussing issues pertaining to every client they have seen during the past week. It is the most powerful, comforting and satisfying thing that an Agronomist can share issues each week with a room full of like minded people for the benefit of their clients and themselves. The wealth of knowledge and insights that a trainee can learn at these meetings alone makes for a wonderful environment to learn.  We are always looking for people that can add the right type of value to our farmer clients whose financial viability and long-term well-being is so critical to the health of Vickery Bros. We have training programs for the right young people who have a great work ethic and passion for agriculture right throughout our network of businesses, from conventional pasture and cropping agronomy to biological and natural organic systems and a mix of anything in between.

Our rural merchandise, seed and chemical arm is also part of our training package for young agriculturists moving through whole gambit of the system.


At times positions become available in our depots across the region. They can range anywhere from Depot Manager to Plant Operator, Loader Driver, Yardman and anything in between. Multi skilling is always a necessity in this company due the nature and extremes of the agricultural areas we operate in. You must be flexible to handle the seasonal extremes and pressures that dictate the needs and urgency of our farming client base.


As you could well imagine we still generate massive amounts of paperwork from invoicing, data entry, budgets, financial reporting, stock control, O.H&S, risk compliance, human resources, farm mapping. This list goes on, and although our computer systems and software programs are kept at the forefront of the very latest in electronic and digital technology; it still hasn’t eliminated the need for passionate people in all these fields.

If you think you’ve got a skill, mindset, passion, work ethic or desire that would help make our group of Companies deliver successful outcomes to our client base, our organisation and yourself; then we would be interested in having a chat. Good employees in a team environment that offers training and advancement have built this great company. Please send your CV and covering letter to:

The General Manager

Vickery Bros

96 Whyte St

Coleraine Vic 3315