From small beginnings in 1948 with two fertiliser spreaders, Vickery Bros. has consistently taken a dynamic and innovative approach to spreading.  Today Vickery Bros. are proud to set the standard for fertiliser application in Australia.  Vickery Bros. currently operate a fleet of 26 fertiliser spreaders all equipped with the latest in spreading technology.  Our fleet consists of JCB Fastracs, MAN trucks in both 4WD and 6WD along with custom built forestry spreaders.

Latest chain and belt spreaders for precise application rates 

GPS navigation including auto-steer to ensure superior accuracy 

High flotation tires to limit soil compaction

On board weigh scales

Coverage maps for proof of product placement

Variable rate capable

Vickery Bros. is located in a diverse agricultural area and provides spreading services to a wide variety of farming clients including forestry.  Our spreaders have the ability to spread all types of granulated fertiliser whether it be top dressing nitrogen based products on crops or your farm’s annual autumn application of phosphorus.  

Our spreaders can also apply lime, gypsum and compost at rates of up to 20 tonne/ha. 

All our spreaders are Accu-Spread accredited which involves the independent testing and accreditation of fertiliser spreading equipment for accuracy and consistency of spreading.  This accreditation process contributes significantly to quality assurance, productivity improvement, environment sustainability and management of risk.

For more information contact our Spreading Manager Marc O’Shannessy on 0427 752 778.