At Vickery Bros. we have eight experienced agronomists who are committed to providing sound agronomic advice to assist farmers in their goal for maximum production.  You can be confident that you will receive specialist professional agronomy advice for all types of crops and pastures throughout Western Victoria and South Eastern South Australia.  Vickery Bros. agronomists can create a fertiliser and crop program specific to your requirements.  With Fertcare accreditation and Incitec Pivot’s Agronomy Advantage accreditation, you can be sure that our agronomy advice is backed by science and results.  Our experienced team are active members of our rural communities and all hold roles in various farming groups including the Life Time Ewe Group, Southern Farming Systems, and Grasslands just to name a few.  This involvement is beneficial as our agronomists are immersed in agriculture on a local level whilst also keeping up to date with the latest developments in the broader agricultural industry.


Soil Sampling and Analysis 

Vickery Bros. will take your samples and send to labs accredited with NATA and ASPAC for analysis.  From this they create a fertiliser program tailored to your farm and budget requirements.  Top and deep samples are georeferenced to enable repeat sampling in future years.

Tissue Samples

Vickery Bros. can tissue test for all crop and pasture for diagnostic/troubleshooting or monitoring of broadacre crops, pastures and horticulture.  Vickery Bros. not only take the samples but provide a reliable recommendation and follow up service.

Farm Maps

Vickery Bros. can create a detailed map of your farm highlighting paddocks with accurate areas and landmarks, e.g. sheds, fences, dams.  This is great for farmers and contractors ensuring that the right job gets done in the correct paddock!


Vickery Bros. provide timely industry related news and features through regular mailouts to their customers.  Information about new products and pricing fluctuations keeps you informed with everything happening in the industry.

Fertiliser & Soil Conditioner Advice

Vickery Bros. can provide one on one advice that works for you.  Whether it’s in the paddock, around the table or over the phone and via email, Vickery Bros. agronomists provide specific recommendations to meet your requirements.  We don’t just sell what we have in our warehouse.  With logistic support second to none, we can create a prescription fertiliser blend and advice for one paddock or a whole farm plan.

To get in touch with one of our agronomists please contact us on (03) 5575 2777.