The Next Generation

21 Dec 2006

Today marks the next step in Vickery Bros. with Geoff and Sue Vickerys’ boys David and Josh Vickery officially starting work with the business, (although if you ask Josh he has been working here since he was 13). The boys have grown up with the business always happy to lend a hand or go out with Geoff in a spreader.
The boys grew up in Coleraine, both attending Coleraine Primary School until Josh transferred to Hamilton College at the start of grade 5. David finished his primary schooling in Coleraine before joining Josh at Hamilton College. Josh stayed at Hamilton College while David transferred to Melbourne Grammar for years 11 & 12.
In 2002 the boys decided to head up to Frances working for 12 months developing their experience in the agricultural industry. They gained hands on experience with prime lambs, broadacre cropping and driving headers.

Come 2003 and the boys went their separate ways with David spending a year spreading for the family business while Josh attended Marcus Oldham. He graduated with an Advanced Diploma in Rural Business Management and for his practical year worked at Harberger Farm Supplies in Donald.
David started at Marcus Oldham a year later and graduated with Advanced Diploma Rural Business Management with his practical year spent working at Impact Fertiliser based in Tasmania. He then went back to Deakin University and did another six months course and graduated with a Bachelor of Business in Agricultural Management.
At the start of 2006 Josh headed to America to drive trucks on the acclaimed “Tornado Alley” and operating harvesters during the cropping season. He believes that the experience he gained from this will benefit his future roles within the company.
Come December 2006 and the boys have come home to utilise all their skills and learning to make sure the business keeps moving forward.